From Erosion To Resonance

by Souls Of Ghouls

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Jason the slightly mucky production works for this band. Not quite death, not quite groove, this band makes seriously listenable heavy music. Give it try! Favorite track: Am I Dead?.
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This is a collection of tracks we wrote in our first year as a band


released December 13, 2015

Souls Of Ghouls

James Coster- Guitars
Kurt Pollie- Bass
Fabien Hardy -Drums
Kenny Allen- Vocals/Lyrics

Simon Mitchell Music Production

Franco Illustrations



all rights reserved


Souls Of Ghouls Perth, Australia

Four souls that share a passion for writing heavy music that's diverse and has an infectious groove

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Track Name: Whispers Argue Within
A sense of fear is in the air
Demented echoes from howling winds
Haunting warnings of a frantic storm
As blood rains down from the sky
The life I once knew is about to die

Whispers argue within me
I need to set them free
I need to find myself
Before my mind turns on me

Lightening striking my mind
My hands start to shake
My bodies trembling like a quake
Tonight war will begin
A Fight for inner strength
A battle I must win

Whispers argue within me
I need to set them free
I need to find myself
Before my mind
Before my mind
Turns on me

This is not a war of violence
It’s a battle for silence
Curse corrupted mind
Within me I need to find
Grip reality
To set this curse free

Tear out the paranoia kill the fear
Uncover my ears bleeding to hear
Refrain losing myself
To madness
Resist falling forever into darkness
Track Name: Am I Dead?
Born into darkness
Sorrow swallowed light from day
I still have demons by my side
Can I push them away
Or is their torment here to stay


Eyes wide open
Still everything is black
Memories that haunt me
I drown them deep inside
Never got to see my youth
Before it died

I push a helping hand away
Not knowing What is real
When everything That exists
Around me portrays so fake
Portrays so fake
Who is real?

Endless confusion this creates
What is real?
I’m Left alone to break

Left to break
Am I dead
Track Name: Exhaling Humanity
Your heart bleeds
I part your skin
Relief as my hand reaches within
Caressing your flesh
A display of love
In a bloody mess

Ex hailing humanity
Inhaling eternity

On our lust darkness feeds
Devouring your mortal heart
Your soul and body part
Our love becomes immortal

Licking the blood from you tears
I hold you close
To hear your fears
To feel you dying
Your last breathe sighing

From my kiss of death
You breathe in new life
Your veins turn black
Unholy sacrifice
Track Name: Their Deathly Eyes

Devils in disguise
Laughing inside
At your suffering
Masking psychotic thoughts
Choking on your pride
Until your life aborts

Miss placed trust
Fallen victim to lust
Their deathly eyes hypnotize


Scorned from hell
In hatred they dwell
Fire inside ready to burn
Flames ignited from your sadness
Thriving on madness

Plastic people
Feed on misery
Filling up on hate
Don’t become a meal on their plate
Life they don’t cherish
Let them starve
Let them perish
Track Name: Sewn To A World Blind
With death there’s no compromise
He’s haunting me with my demise
I seen him in your eyes
Then fell into this
Recurring nightmare
Blood soaked sheets
Awakened my scare

Everybody dies
Is this my time
My pain is masked by disguise
Sewn to a world blind

Reality is drowning my soul
Dying slowly inside myself
Collector of hearts
Is mine on your shelf
Eyes blind as my life withers away
My wounds are left to decay

I’m shaking though not from fear
It’s getting cold my dear
I envision you
Though you have long gone away
Into the shadows you faded away

Track Name: Altered Reality
Lost faith in humanity
The devil keeps calling me
My soul has drifted away to be free

This hell keeps taunting me
Time and time again
I’m pushing through your misery
I’ve fallen down a hole deep in the ground
I reach for a helping hand no ones around

Give me my heart back
I’m finding it hard to feel with out it
Life’s a killer I’m being strangled by it

I am living
In an altered
Altered reality
Controlled by insanity

Being burnt by the sun
Is something I expect
Being betrayed by a close one
I think wouldn’t be suspect
Is a common mistake
Being stabbed in the back by a friend
Is something I’ve learnt to take

Life’s a killer
I’m being strangled by it

I am living
In an altered
Altered reality
Controlled by insanity

Promises get washed away
By a flood of lies
When it all dries
It’s time to say our goodbyes
I am controlled by insanity
Track Name: Shattered Bones To Scattered Ashes
All hope is worn
Falling apart at the seams
All will is torn

Shattered bones to scattered ashes
In time we all heal
Look inside yourself
Find what is real

A world screaming in silence
No embrace no guidance
Living a life of hopelessness
Filled with Senseless violence

Drug fueled abandonment
Life is denied
Smothered by the toxicity surrounding
Gripping onto hope
Slipping negativity tightening
The noose on the rope

Waves keep crashing
Drowning souls inside
Find strength within
Rise against the tide
For a new life to begin

Perseverance will prevail
Rising above pessimists in stature
While they suffocate
In their cancerous nature
Track Name: Embrace The Reaper
The blood drips again
Endless torture such a rush
You think it takes away your pain
War in your mind an endless battle
Slowly destroying you
Yourself you can not find

Every day tormenting
Yourself this way
You want to gasp for that last breathe
To Embrace the reaper

No hope left inside
Can you save your soul now
How much longer will your body cope
Wash away the blood stains when it rains
Burn your remains with the suns flames

You’ve already died inside
Go on Pull the noose a little tighter
Go on Stab the knife a little deeper
You need to wake up
Or just pull the trigger

Every time your high
You think of ways you can die
Dreams have all lost you
Your mind is in the sky